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Womanrunes Set - Cards + Book
Womanrunes Set - Cards + Book


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In 1987, women's spirituality foremother and wayshower, Shekhinah Mountainwater, experienced a "goddess-lightning" strike of inspiration and created a set of 41 woman-identified rune symbols for divination and personal growth. Twenty-five years later, Molly Remer discovered Womanrunes and created an expanded means of interpreting, using, and exploring these powerful, magical symbols.

Discover and explore...

*the herstory and development of Womanrunes
*how to interpret Womanrunes
*how to make your own Womanrunes
*how to lay out and read Womanrunes

The set includes
  • a fully revised and much expanded second edition copy of Womanrunes guidebook by Molly Remer (207 pages) (please note this is not a Womancraft Publishing title)
  • a beautiful set of Womanrunes cards.
  • a bonus tree of life pendant gift.

The cards come in a clear box and include 41 rune symbol cards as well as a sample layout and some basic information on the cards and their use.

This system is perfect for use in Red Tents or women's circles. Red Tent facilitators suggest having a set available in a divination or inner guidance corner of the Red Tent for women to work with on their own or together.

This listing is for a copy of the Womanrunes book AND the Womanrunes card set. The goddess in the picture is only for display purposes.

Womanrunes cards and book are available to purchase individually in separate listings.