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Pachamama- Story Goddess
Pachamama- Story Goddess


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I am of this earth
On this earth
For this earth.
Creation is clay in my hands.
I breathe you into being.

This handmade Story Goddess carries the energy of Pachamama, the Incan earth mother and goddess of the earth and creation. She is cast in resin and colored vivid emerald mica pigment, and this combination is exclusive to Womancraft.

Her silver-tone belt carries a silver-tone Koru (spiral) charm, a silver-tone gourd charm, and a bronzite bead. Bronzite is known as the stone of "focused action" and of courtesy. It is said to help cultivate a sense of stillness, and improve objectivity, "big picture thinking," and making informed decisions. It is also said to enhance creativity and dispels negative energy. She is also associated with Mawu, the African creation goddess and earth mother.

Gourds are the first rhythm instrument and use by humans dates back to the Ice Age, the originated in Africa and then traveled via ocean to North America. They are also one of the symbols of the womb of the earth.

The belt is removable and can be interchanged with any of the other belts in our Story Goddess collection.

This goddess is meant to be a companion goddess, to travel with you, to share your experiences and stories, and to bless your space--your desk, your greenhouse, your office, your pocket, with her power and essence. She is about four inches tall and very sturdy--she can get wet or be dropped without being damaged.

Each figure is handmade in the US by Brigid's Grove, and has small imperfections due to handcrafting such as trim marks, seams, fingerprints, or bubbles that make them unique.