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Yin Magic (SIGNED)
Yin Magic by Sarah Robinson, Womancraft Publishing.

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Yin Magic shows how ancient Chinese Taoist alchemical practices can mingle with yoga and magic to enhance our wellbeing from sleep to stress-levels, helping us to move beyond the burnout cycles and embody the beauty of letting go.

Yin Magic shares:
  • What yin is…and why it matters.
  • An introduction to the practice of yin yoga.
  • Yin yoga journeys for each season and the meridians.
  • Insight from cutting-edge neuroscience research.
  • Connections between Celtic, witch and Chinese medicine traditions.
  • Ideas for putting trust in one’s own nature, and the pace of the natural world.
  • Sympathetic magic and how to bring it into your yoga practice.
  • How to embrace the magic in the darker times of night, new moon and winter.
Yin Magic helps us to make everyday magic at a sumptuously slow pace as an antidote to the busyness of modern life.

Sarah Robinson is a yoga and meditation teacher based in Bath, UK (Once named after a goddess: the ancient Roman town of Aquae Sulis). Her background is in science. She holds an MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience and has studied at Bath, Exeter and Harvard Universities.

Release: October 2020
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-910559-61-1 | $15.99 | £10.99 | €13.99 | 8.5″x 5.5″ | 216x140mm | 192pp
eBook: ISBN 978-1-910559-60-4
Categories: Health & Fitness / Women’s Health


Like a long, deep, beatific exhale, this gentlest book envelops you from the opening page – as soft as it is powerful, as accepting as it is radical – a treatise, toolkit and treasure, for all women who seek to re-member their nature.

Eminé Kali Rushton, editor of oh magazine, poetess and holistic practitioner

Another beautiful and instructive book for these weird modern times from Sarah Robinson. A delight to read, Sarah is now a trusted resource in my empowering library.

Alice B. Grist, author of Dirty & Divine and The Book of Tarot

Sarah Robinson has a special talent for taking disparate and complex ancient systems and making them, not only accessible , but making their similarities so glaringly obvious that you wonder why you didn’t see them before.

Sarah has drawn a path that helps the reader find these delicious connections and see the rich similarities and illustrative differences between Yoga and Chinese Medical theory. I learned a lot with this book and enjoyed every minute.

Gina Martin, Classical Chinese Medicine practitioner, M.S., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM), L.Ac., L.M.T., author of Sisters of the Solstice Moon and Walking the Threads of Time (Books I and II of the When She Wakes series)

Yin Magic is exactly what the world needs right now. An invitation to slow down; the reasons why it’s essential we do that, as well as detailed guidance on how we do it. Engaging and fascinating, Yin Magic is an antidote to the world’s default stress state. Robinson is also genius at breaking down in-depth philosophies and practices such as Tao, Yoga, Buddhism, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine in a way that makes them relatable and applicable in our lives today.

Tamara Pitelen, author, energy healer and yoga instructor

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