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Wild & Wise: sacred feminine meditations for women's circles & personal awakening (SIGNED)
Wild & Wise: Sacred Feminine Meditations for Women's Groups & Personal Awakening




To celebrate the first anniversary of Wild & Wise: Sacred Feminine Meditations for Women's Circles & Personal Awakening by Amy Bammel Wilding, we have a special offer for you. Buy a copy of the book and receive free audio downloads of THREE of the meditations from the book: “The Power of No”, “Cerridwen” and “Winter Spiral”. AND one lucky US and UK customer will receive a download of the entire audio book in time for Christmas.

1) Purchase a signed copy direct from the Womancraft webshop or a paperback or Kindle copy from Amazon before Winter Solstice Eve, Thursday 20th December, midnight GMT.

2) Email your receipt to amy@redtentlouisville.com

3). You’ll receive your meditations within 48 hours. These audio files can be listened to direct from your phone or computer or downloaded for later listening.

Wild & Wise is not merely a collection of guided meditations, but a potent tool for personal and global transformation. The meditations within beckon you to explore the powerful realm of symbolism and archetypes, inviting you to access your wild and wise inner knowing. These compelling meditations are suitable for reflective reading, or to facilitate healing and empowerment for women who gather in red tents, moon lodges, women’s circles and ceremonies.

Part I: The Sacred Feminine is comprised of thirteen meditations, inviting you to dive deep into the feminine psyche and catalyze healing. Meditations include: Coming Home, The Power of No, Hunger, Your Inner Warrior and The Mother Code.

Part II: Your Inner Goddess is comprised of thirteen goddess-centered meditations from many traditions around the world, inviting you to connect with and cultivate the qualities each goddess embodies. Meditations include: Artemis (authenticity), Brigid (inspiration), Sekhmet (rage), Durga (boundaries), Gwenhwyfar (sovereignty), and Lakshmi (abundance).

Part III: The Wheel of the Year is comprised of five seasonal meditations, marking the cycles of life. Meditations include: Rebirth and Renewal (spring), Tending Your Garden (summer), Preparing for the Dark (autumn), and Winter Spiral (winter).

Wild & Wise audio too!

Read by the author, a Wild & Wise audiobook is also available in digital audio format from Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

Amy Bammel Wilding is the founder of the Red Tent Louisville and is an experienced leader of transformational circles and ceremonies for women and girls. Passionate about empowerment and education, Amy is devoted to witnessing and inspiring the reawakening of the Sacred Feminine from the individual to the global level.

Release: October 14, 2017 (pre-orders ship October 3, 2017)
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-910559-376 | $14.99 | £10.99 | 8"x 5" | 203x127mm | 170pp
eBook: ISBN: 978-1-910559-390
Audiobook: Available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes
Categories: Religion / Meditations; Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth