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Shakti Pendant
Price: €5.99
Ready to unleash your Shakti energy, this powerful, potent, activating pendant is engaged in the exuberant dance of creativity, freedom, and personal power. The spiral leg form represents the energy of rising. This goddess is joyfully dancing, twirling, expressing herself actively and energetically in the world.

If you feel in need of activation and mobilization, however, then this dancing, moving, energetic goddess pendant is the design for you! She is unapologetically fully inhabiting her own personal power and her being is enlivened by an exuberant flow of passionate, inspired energy.

An inch and a half tall, she hangs as a pendant from a black silk thread. She has a metal ring at the top which allows her to be attached to anything you wish. The figure was created in resin from a cast from an original clay sculpture.

Each goddess has her own unique little lumps, bumps, bubbles, and various imperfections or irregularities (don't we all!).

All shakti goddesses come in fire colours - red, copper, orange - and are sent out at random, if you have a specific colour request let us know on the order comments section and we will do our best.


A beautiful blooming birth goddess charm. Perfect for an affordable mother blessing gift, she has a metal ring at the top which allows her to be attached to anything you wish, used on an altar or worn as a necklace!

Created in resin from a cast from an original clay sculpture made by Molly Remer of Brigids Grove. This tiny goddess is about an inch tall and flat on the back. She comes in a variety of colours. Do let us know your 2-3 of your favourites as options.

These tiny goddesses sometimes have little lumps, bumps, and various imperfections... like us all!

Comes on a black silken cord and beautifully packaged in a purple organza bag.
The Burning Woman bracelet is made exclusively for Womancraft Publishing by Brigid's Grove

This bracelet is carnelian gemstone strung on elastic cord. The flame charm is a reminder to you that YOU are a Burning Woman.

Carnelian is a powerful stone that promotes mental clarity, stamina, and strength. It is a high energy stone good for restoring vitality, anchoring you in present reality, stabilizing, motivation, and stimulation of creativity. It is said to help you trust yourself and your perceptions, overcome negative condition, and encourages steadfastness. It also clarifies perception and protects against resentment, anger, and negativity. It is a stone that increases fertility and supports the female reproductive system.
Rainbow Woman Bracelet
Price: €10.99
Healing Hands Pendant
Price: €12.99
This bracelet is made of amethyst gemstone strung on elastic cord. It helps you feel grounded, connected, and empowered. The charm is a classic, simple birth goddess with a tiny spiral imprinted on one side (making the bracelet "reversible.")

Amethyst is a calming and healing stone said to help you feel focused and to improve motivation. It balances emotions and promotes emotional centering. Amethyst is also said to facilitate spiritual awareness and to open intuition. It may also help with fertility.

Exact color of stones in bracelet varies

This bracelet is made exclusively for Womancraft Publishing by Brigid's Grove and features a rainbow of gemstones strung on an elastic bracelet. The labyrinth charm is a reminder to you that you are walking the rainbow way - the labyrinth being the central motif of the book.

Stones will vary! This is a randomly chosen assortment for each bracelet!
This simple and very appealing pendant is made of silver-tone metal and a rich, glowing opalite gemstone (similar to moonstone in appearance and properties). It would be a beautiful gift for anyone in a healing field - midwives, reiki practitioners, as well as girls who are "reaching for the moon" to celebrate menarche.

The opalite stones used in this pendant vary in tone and appearance. Some are nearly clear and others more opaque. All have a wonderful quality of luminescence that glows differently in different lights. It is very difficult to photograph to show how pretty it is!

Opalite is a powerful, human-created stone similar in appearance and some properties to moonstone. It is said to enhance psychic abilities and is an ideal stone for meditation. Opalite improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual level and it removes energy blockages. Opalite helps emotionally with transitions of all kinds, supports persistence, lends strength, and helps with verbalizing hidden feelings. It is also said to help with becoming successful in business and is an all-around healing stone, stabilizing mood swings and helping overcome fatigue.

If the pendant is worn in water often (like while showering) the silver color will eventually tarnish to a copper tone.
Womancraft Pendant
Price: €24.99
"Dance in a circle of women,
make a web of my life.
Hold me as I spiral and spin
make a web of my life."

--Marie Summerwood

This lead-free pewter goddess pendant made by Brigid's Grove was part of the inspiration behind the Womancraft Publishing logo, and Lucy wears one most days.

She communicates the activation of your center, your connection to the divine, your womanspirit wisdom. She will connect you to sensation of circling with other women in celebration and ceremony and honors the innate knowing of your own life's spiral path.

This pendant is about one and half inches and has a spiral engraved on her belly and comes on a black satin cord and packaged with love in a purple organza bag.

Due to her handcrafted, hand sculpted nature, the pendant does have small irregularities and imperfections, but that is part of what makes her unique! Back of pendant is solid (flat) and may have some nicks or small divots from the casting and finishing process.