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Full Circle Health: integrated health charting for women The Goddess in You by Patricia Lemos and Ana Afonso. Womancraft Publishing 2017. Dirty & Divine: a transformative journey through tarot
The Goddess in You
Price: €7.99
What happens when we pay attention to all the information our bodies and minds are presenting us with? What happens when we dare to be truly present to the intricacies of our lives? What happens when we integrate cyclical ways of knowing and being into our daily lives?

Welcome to Full Circle Health: a creative approach to holistic health for all who love planners, trackers and bullet journals to guide and support you in a greater understanding of your physical, mental and emotional health.
The Goddess in You is especially created for girls aged 9-14 years, offering a unique, interactive approach to establishing cycle awareness, positive health and well-being. It contains thirteen beautifully designed cycle mandalas, each illustrated with a goddess from Greek mythology.

Paperback copies of Dirty & Divine: a transformative journey through tarot will ship the week beginning March 9, 2017.

There is something sacred within you, in all that you are and all that you do. In a mix of you that is everyday dirty, and spiritually divine, there is something so perfect, something more. Welcome to your journey back home; to your dirty, divine passage back to you.
Burning Woman, by Lucy H. Pearce
Moon Dreams 2017 Diary (NOT SIGNED)
Price: €12.99
Special Price (30% off): € €9.20
Savings: €3.79
Burning Woman (SIGNED)
Price: €13.99
Highly acclaimed by leading parenting authors, academics and activists, with a foreword from Naomi Stadlen, founder of Mothers Talking and author of What Mothers Do, and How Mothers Love.

If it is true that there have been waves of feminism, then mothers’ rights are the flotsam left behind on the ocean surface of patriarchy.

For all the talk of women’s liberation, when it is predicated on liberation from motherhood, it is no liberation at all. Under twenty-first century capitalism, the bonds of motherhood are being replaced with binds to the market within wage slavery and ruthless individualism. Mothers are in bondage – and not in a 50 Shades way.

Taking the form of a diary, Moon Dreams is a simple yet powerful tool for charting your cycle and the moon and a gentle, guided introduction to this practice.

  • 52-week diary
  • Space to doodle
  • Beautiful illustrations to colour
  • Information on charting your cycle
  • Learn about the moon’s phases and how they affect you
  • Quotations to inspire and uplift
  • Private space to reflect
The long-awaited new title from Amazon bestselling author Lucy H. Pearce. Burning Woman is a breath-taking and controversial woman’s journey through history— personal and cultural—on a quest to find and free her own power.

Uncompromising and all-encompassing, Pearce uncovers the archetype of the Burning Women of days gone by—Joan of Arc and the witch trials, through to the way women are burned today in cyber bullying, acid attacks, shaming and burnout, fearlessly examining the roots of Feminine power—what it is, how it has been controlled, and why it needs to be unleashed on the world during our modern Burning Times.

Burning Woman explores:
  • Burning from within: a woman’s power—how to build it, engage it and not be destroyed by it.
  • Burning from without: the role of shame, and honour in the time-worn ways the dominant culture uses fire to control the Feminine.
  • The darkness: overcoming our fear of the dark, and discovering its importance in cultivating power.

This incendiary text was written for women who burn with passion, have been burned with shame, and who at another time, in another place, would have been burned at the stake. With contributions from leading burning women of our era: Isabel Abbott, ALisa Starkweather, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Molly Remer, Julie Daley, Bethany Webster ...
The Heroines Club: A Mother-Daughter Empowerment Circle, by Melia Keeton-Digby The Other Side of the River: Stories of Women, Water and the World by Eila Kundrie Carrico Reaching for the Moon: A girl's guide to her cycles

The Heroines Club: A Mother-Daughter Empowerment Circle offers nourishing guidance and a creative approach for mothers and daughters, aged 7+, to learn and grow together through the study of women’s history. Each month focuses on a different heroine, featuring athletes, inventors, artists, and revolutionaries from around the world – including Frida Kahlo, Rosalind Franklin, Amelia Earhart, Anne Frank, Maya Angelou and Malala Yousafzai as strong role models for young girls to learn about, look up to, and be inspired by.

Offering thought-provoking discussion, powerful rituals, and engaging creative activities, The Heroines Club fortifies our daughters’ self-esteem, invigorates mothers’ spirits, and nourishes the mother-daughter relationship. In a culture that can make mothering daughters seem intimidating and isolating, it offers an antidote: a revolutionary model for empowering your daughter and strengthening your mother-daughter relationship.

20% discount on purchases of five copies or more!

A deep searching into the ways we become dammed and how we recover fluidity. It is a journey through memory and time, personal and shared landscapes to discover the source, the flow and the deltas of women and water.

Rooted in rivers, inspired by wetlands, sources and tributaries, this book weaves its path between the banks of memory and story, from Florida to Kyoto, storm-ravaged New Orleans to London, via San Francisco and Ghana. We navigate through flood and drought to confront the place of wildness in the age of technology. Part memoir, part manifesto, part travelogue and part love letter to myth and ecology, The Other Side of the River is an intricately woven tale of finding your flow ... and your roots.
Reaching for the Moon is the girls’ version of Lucy H. Pearce’s Amazon bestselling book Moon Time: harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle. Written for girls aged 9-14 as they anticipate and experience their body’s changes. Beginning with an imaginary journey into the red tent, a traditional place of women’s wisdom, gifts and secrets of womanhood are imparted in a gentle lyrical way, alongside practical advice.

Reaching for the Moon is a nurturing celebration of a girl's transformation to womanhood. Lucy H. Pearce is the mother of three, and author of five books for girls and women.
Moon Time: Harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle Moods of Motherhood, the inner journey of mothering by Lucy H. Pearce. P
The Rainbow Way; Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood (SIGNED)
Price: €18.99
SALE PRICE: €15.99
Savings: €3.00
#1 in Menstruation on Amazon. Hailed as 'life-changing' by women around the world, Moon Time shares a fully embodied understanding of your menstrual cycle. Full of practical insight, empowering resources, creative activities and passion, this book will put you back in touch with your body’s wisdom.

  • Learn to live in flow with your female body
  • Find balance in your life and work through charting your cycle
  • Heal PMS naturally
  • Connect to your innate creativity
  • Create a red tent or moon lodge
Whether you are coming off the pill, wanting to understand your fertility, struggling with PMS, healing from womb issues, are coming back to your cycles after childbirth or just want a deeper understanding of your body, Moon Time is for you.

Moods of Motherhood charts the inner journey of motherhood, giving voice to the often nebulous, unspoken tumble of emotions that motherhood evokes: tenderness, frustration, joy, grief, anger, depression and love. Lucy H. Pearce explores the taboo subjects of maternal ambiguity, competitiveness, and the quest for perfection, offering support, acceptance, and hope to mothers everywhere. Though the story is hers, it could be yours.

A soulful guide for creative mothers, which shares the wisdom and insight of 50 creative mothers - potters, painters, dancers, directors, crafters and writers.

This truly life-changing book shares:

· a lost maternal archetype: The Creative Rainbow Mother

· how to balance creativity and motherhood

· how to create time and space for creativity

· how to get unstuck creatively, overcome perfectionism and procrastination

· plus ways of nurturing a creative family

Reminiscent of Paulo Coelho's masterpiece The Alchemist and Lynn V. Andrew's acclaimed Medicine Woman series, The Heart of the Labyrinth is a beautifully evocative spiritual parable, filled with exotic landscapes and transformational soul lessons.

As everything she thought she knew about herself disintegrates: her health, career, family and identity, Maya embarks on a journey of discovery to the land of her ancestors. There a mysterious Sage guides her through dreams, visions and lifetimes, to the heart of the labyrinth.

Coming face-to-face with her subconscious belief that being a woman is a threat, she understands that to step into wholeness she will have to reclaim the sacred feminine fire burning in her soul.